"To initiate and carry to IT revolution from grass root to globe by providing quality IT education."


"To develop technically sound, ethically strong and innovative IT professionals who would be capable of developing and using IT in diversified segments."


To deliver the core curriculum effectively.

To establish a foundation in Computer Science and Engineering.

To acquire and maintain required facilities and infrastructure to meet our mission.

To develop, and enrich faculty and staff of the highest caliber.

To train students who are able to represent effectively on technical subjects.

To emphasize and reinforce the ties between teaching and research.

To promote the transfer of knowledge to and from the society of which we are a part.

To bring research into the classroom through active learning.

To capitalize on research as a teaching aid.

To assure that the work of faculty is supported with adequate office, laboratory and studio space, and that appropriate institutional support of other kinds is provided.

To preserve and enhance the library, and lead in the design and implementation of the Library of the future.

To encourage interdisciplinary efforts to explore the meaning for society of the new computing and communication technologies.


To ensure consistently high quality of graduate programs across the department.

To enable, encourage and motivate students and faculty to fully utilize the time and resources collectively at SVITS.

To reward teaching excellence more effectively. Excelling the student in the right direction and all other management and administration aspects.

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