Head of Department

In these times of immense competition, the only way ahead is networking of all kinds of resources- people, ideas, knowledge and expertise. As Head of Department of Information Technology for the last one year, I wish to take this opportunity to assure you that I will try my best to maximize student participation in all decision making within the department and will keep the administration transparent. The core of the department is formed around the students and faculty. Together, we can steer the department along a path of evolution. In fact, we have no choice - either we evolve or face extinction. There shall be a strong emphasis on motivating the existing students to DEMAND quality in classrooms and transparency in evaluation. The priorities, in my perception are preparing and mentoring the faculty members to tune up with the modernization of curriculum using the existing memberships of digital libraries and encourage them to opt for CBT’s, video lectures , lecture notes etc. Apart from this, the students shall also benefit from the career counseling and placement guidance within the department also. The students shall also be suggested literature for self study by the faculty members. The department shall also engage in raising funds for well defined developmental activities.

This is your friend and facilitator,

Prof. Jigyasu Dubey
Head of Department

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