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INTRODUCTION : PRAYATNA is a mission carried out by the CS and IT students of SVITS. The members of this committee are involved in social service for computer awareness and computer education in rural areas. The main motive is to give them the basic knowledge about computers. The members go to nearby villages and tell them about computers and its usage through clips, animation etc. they teach them some basics regarding computers, hardware parts, MS-WORD, flash games, paint brush, calculator etc. . Games and other sort of competitions are also conducted among rural children and are awarded as per their performance. An interactive session of question answer round is also conducted among students and the one asks or answers a question is awarded

OBJECTIVE : “To Provide adequate basic computer knowledge to the rural children in order to evoke curiosity and inspiration so that they step forward towards their future in computers.”


Prayatna helps village children to know “what computer is ?” and “what wonders it can do “ 

Prayatna currently consist of around 30-35 members out of which 10-15 members go for visits turn by turn .

Prayatna group has already made visits to about 18 villages across m.p. targeting more than 20 schools.

Prayatna has reached and taught around 10700 rural children till now.

Prayatna is not a mission it’s a revolution !!!


Faculty Coordinator:

Mr. Jigyasu Dubey, Asst. Professor, Department of Information Technology

Student Coordinator:

Mr. Ronak Khandelwal, Final Year , Information Technology


Dharawara Sanskrit Pathshala(2006)

Primary School Dharawara(2006)

Primary School Kalaria(2006)

Middle School Kalaria(2006)

Primary School ,Piplya sonda(2006-07)

Middle School,Piplya Sonda(2006-07)

Solsinda Primary School(2008)

Dharampuri Primary and Middle School(2008)

Solsinda primary school(2008)

Govt. school , Baroli (27 SEPT. ,2008)

Blind school , Mahesh Drishtihen Kalyan Sangh, near Bombay Hospital ( 14 NOV. 2008)

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